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Leaks in your oil tank mean heating oil seeps into the ground around your tank, which requires extensive and expensive remediation to clean up. Additionally, water and rust at the bottom of your tank can mix with oil to create a sludge that can be drawn into your tank's outlet pipe.With new and ever changing storage regulations being implemented tank cleaning is essential. Following a detailed inspection Wilton Services Nig Ltd. will be able to provide you with a tank cleaning service that will not only meet your needs but often exceed your cleaning expectations.Tank and vessel cleaning are potentially hazardous tasks. Personnel entering confined spaces face exposure to toxic chemicals and volatile atmospheres. The health and safety of the public, our client, and our personnel is extremely important to Wilton Services Nig Ltd. Integral to our tank cleaning service is the inclusion of health and safety plans, training programmes, site evaluations, exposure monitoring, and medical monitoring.


Drilling Operation:
Start from pilling with stove to an agreeable depth through which the conductor pipe of 24” is been introduced into the well.
It’s the first Drilling stage otherwise known as top hole, this is drilled with water base mud with a bit of 171/2” to the agreeable depth, which after the rig pulls out of the hole after circulating the hole clean for casing and cementation.
Casing of 133/8” are run down to the hole to the drilled depth then cementation takes place, to bond the casing with the wall of the well, which is giving about 24hrs for setting.
121/4 Section Commences:
A drilling of 121/4”hole is drilled to the agreeable depth with synthetic oil base mud unless otherwise started. This is been drilled to a Total Depth (TD) of 121/2”section, after circulation the rig pulls out from holeand casing job commence according to the description of well plan program which may ntail95/8”casing, a drilling bit of 9”is used to drill the third stage with the same synthetic Oil Base Mud (SOBM) to a depth in line with well plan. When they get to the total depth of the well, they check for other parameters involved while circulating the well, if there is need for rig to pull to shoe the rig pulls to shoe, if there is an indication of gas presents they circulate out the gas with the appropriate mud weight.

Blow out preventer (BOP) is nipple up, which is been used to the regulate Gas presents during operations, at the end of the drilling all things been equal completion starts, during completion brime is used to displace the mud in the well, after which the BOP is removed and the Christmas tree is mounted for production.

Whether you need a pilot hole in a marble quarry a core sampling hole, a blast hole forcontruction or mining. We have the drill rig that will suit your needs. 95/8”